ELCOROCK® Shores up Portsea

ELCOROCK® Shores up Portsea
October 2010
Department of Sustainability & Environment
Australian Project Solutions (APS)


The western most settlement on Victoria’s scenic Mornington Peninsula, Portsea has become a popular holiday destination, described as "exclusive" and the "preferred holiday destination of Melbourne’s “elite". Portsea beach has become a significant part of the Portsea landscape.

Erosion has caused significant changes to Portsea foreshore. The beach and foreshore have receeded 10 to 15 metres, exposing foundations and causing structural damage to the pier walkway.
Works have been undertaken to protect the foreshore and public assets. This included the construction of a 150m ELCOROCK®  seawall.  
Australian Project Solutions (APS) was awarded the project and set about constructing the ELCOROCK® wall. The installation of a temporary rock wall placed just off shore acted as a buffer to protect the workers from waves during the construction. These rocks were removed once the project was completed.
Seven rows of 0.75m³ containers were installed using an imported course quarry sand to fill the bags. This was followed by the installation of 2 rows of the 2.5m³ ELCOROCK® containers used as a capping.
With the onset of summer, the project was completed ahead of schedule and now provides an erosion control barrier that is user friendly and takes away the OHS issues that a rock wall would have potentially caused.